About me

I’m Natasha, i’m 23 and i’m Italian with Ghanaian origins. I come from the province of Verona: in the countryside, the perfect place to take photos without any pressure. I’ve studied International Relations at  the University of Sociology of Trento.

When did my passion for photography start? I remember it started when I was in middle school: I always wanted the family camera for the trips in order to fix  the memories of those “adventures”. And then, of course, I started asking for my own personal camera! I had to wait a lot, but during my first year of University I was able to buy it for myself: it was such a satisfying gift I made to myself.

What do I like to catch with my camera? As you will see from my posts, I’m in love with the sky: the clouds, the moon and the sun are the main characters of my photos. I also like to capture how the light plays with the clouds. Besides having my head in the clouds, I also like to “steal” moments from the everyday life of the people I meet or  that surround me: it’s always a  challenge, but a valuable one.

I’m an amateur photographer: I believe that I’m able to express who I am when I’m with my camera and to offer my special point of view of reality. Photography is like storytelling: you can always tell a different story, you have to just use your imagination and creativity. I also think that details are important: the little things that surround us and that seem irrelevant, can represent the source of an original and unique photo.

I hope you will enjoy the photos!


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